Celebrate Canada Day with poutine, steak sandwiches and beer pong in Hong Kong

For those of you were unaware, July 1 doesn’t only mark the establishment day of our SAR – it’s also the national day of Canada!
And what better way to celebrate that than by throwing an all-Canadian party, eh?
Canadians in Hong Kong (CIHK) – a group of Canucks who left their bleak and wintery homeland to live in the best city in the world but are still clinging onto the past – is partnering with the Butchers Club Deli to put on the biggest Canada Day celebration in town.
The event will be replete with a special Canadian menu, live music, beer pong, a Canada-themed photo booth, and prize giveaways!
The menu includes the Butchers Club’s Signature Steak Sandwich, a Nanaimo Bar (a wafer bar topped with custard icing, itself topped by melted chocolate #ummmm), and, of course, the good old Canadian Poutine.
The party starts at 12pm and, to incentivise you to get there early, there will be free welcome gifts for the first 100 attendees, including CIHK sunglasses, bottles of vodka, the Entertainer app and book, and a poutine voucher from Big Bite.
Apparently Canadians like poutine.
What: July 1st Canada Day Cookout
When: 12pm – 5pm, Wednesday, July 1
Where: The Butchers Club Deli, 16/F, 18 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen
Tickets: Cash transfer to CIHK (instructions here)
Price: HKD400

Photo Source: Reddit


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