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“The best thing about Coconuts is that it’s the kind of news that feels like you’re hearing it from a friend: it’s a mix of the important political and economic stories of the day mixed with the kind of stories that make you laugh. The commentary is also excellent. It’s a great voice in the region, and that’s why I subscribe.”
– Nadia, Jakarta, filmmaker


“I read Coconuts every day. The content is a great for fun articles of local interest, but it also provides well written, serious articles on important issues that are often overlooked by other English language services in Hong Kong.”
– Harley, Hong Kong


“Always a pleasure to read Coconuts content. I’ve already won 2 COCO+ perks, which are well worth more than what I paid for the subscription itself.”
– Amine, Bangkok, software engineer


“Coconuts has helped me feel connected with my friends and family in Asia. Coconuts stories are always unique, insightful, and immediately shareable; I haven’t found anything that comes close, even here in New York. Coconuts is my go-to, cup-of-coffee/middle-of-the-night-and-I-can’t-sleep read.”
– Randy, New York City


“It’s very difficult to find English-speaking information about Jakarta that goes beyond politics or completely promotional journalism. In my view, Coconuts has found exactly that niche: A bit of politics but from a ‘normal people’s’ perspective, what’s up on social media, events and what’s up, and a bit of gossip. Great mix, and more than worth the COCO+ fee. Enriches your Jakarta life.”
– Gregor, Jakarta