Woman stabbed in the mouth by needle that mysteriously came with grilled pork

A woman said she was stabbed in the mouth by a needle that somehow ended up in the grilled pork she was eating.

Wannarote Khamdeem, 25, from Suphanburi, said she initially thought the sharp object was a bone, but when she spitted it out, she was shocked to find out it was a three centimeter-long needle.

She told Morning News that she believes the needle was stuck in the pig when it received a vaccine. Wannarote posted a photo of the needle on Facebook to warn people.

The young woman bought the grilled pork from an Isaan food stall near her home, but the vendor said she had know idea how the needle got there.

Wannarote expressed concern that this could be dangerous for children or those who use their smartphones while eating because they might not be careful. The victim’s mother also added that the slaughterhouse should have got the needle out of the pig before butchering it.

Perhaps, the slaughterhouse wants to assure its customers that the pig was really vaccinated.


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