Woman doing makeup in Bangkok taxi rushed to hospital with eyebrow pencil jammed in eye

Photo: Sanook
Photo: Sanook

Considering the state of Bangkok traffic, doing makeup in the cab to save time makes sense for many ladies, though we suspect many of you will be reconsidering after reading this story.

Rescuers rushed a Thai woman to hospital yesterday after her taxi crashed into the back of a pickup truck, causing her to accidentally stab her left eye with an eyebrow pencil.

Thanabodee Sabbodi, a rescue volunteer at the scene, explained that while the car crash was minor, the passenger in the backseat ended up with half of the eyebrow pencil buried in her eye. Yikes.

The accident reportedly happened at about 5:30pm on Din Daeng Road when the woman and her relative were en route to Bangkok’s Pratunam neighborhood, reported Sanook.

“Her eye was not bleeding but there was some blood, not a lot, running down her nose — since the two organs are so closely connected,” explained Thanabodee in a broadcast interview with Amarin TV.

“She was still conscious when we arrived and could hold a conversation,” he said, adding the woman told him she was in severe pain. Well, yeah.

Without the medical expertise to handle such a sensitive injury, rescuers rushed the passenger to Rajavithi Hospital with the pencil still jammed in in her eye — not a pretty sight.

There’s some good news though. Doctors said the woman’s condition was “not critical” because, fortunately, the pencil went through the sclera — or the white part of your eye, and they had managed to safely remove the pencil in surgery.  

As of this morning, she is now able to slightly open her eyes and expected to be able fully regain her sight in the near future.


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