‘Why you so stupid?’ Thais slam American woman who called Thai rice fake after she burned it

Americans, you can adapt our food all you want, but if you talk smack about our rice, you will pay the price.

Thais went into rage over the holidays when an Asian-American Facebook user posted a video and called Thailand’s number one product fake. She went on to accuse the country of selling jasmine rice mixed with plastic — all because she has no idea about basic cooking techniques.

The painful video of Asian-Californian woman Felicity Prak incorrectly cooking Thai rice and burning the whole batch got over two million views since New Year’s Day.

“We don’t usually use three lady brand. We got 2.50lb bag as a gift from sisters. We opened one bag to see if the rice is mixed with plastic or not, and this what we got. This is too crazy,” Prak wrote.

But what’s really crazy is Prak’s cooking technique. The four-minute video shows her simply attempting to stir-fry dry rice in a wok with no water over high heat.

At the 3:30 mark, the rice starts to burn and smoke and a girl’s voice says, “Close the door. Mom, oh my god, look at this.” At the 4:00 minute mark, they take the burnt rice off the burner and throw a strip of paper into it, which starts a fire in the dry wok. Then, the girl’s voice says, “This is the Three Lady rice. This is a piece of paper, this is crazy,” as the now-black rice continues to catch fire.

It’s not actually that crazy though since rice is meant to be slow cooked in water, not dry fried in a wok.

They end the video with the rice still on fire and the inexplicable dialog, “This is in California.”

Many Thai people simply pointed out the obvious in the comments section of the weird video, typing things such as: “Low heat, you know?”

Thousands of Thais left comments on the woman’s post, blaming her for not knowing how to cook rice properly. Some simply asked, “Why you so stupid?” Other people mentioned that it was offensive to Thai products and asked for her to remove the video.

The post was shared by popular Thai Facebook page Drama-Addict before it took all of Facebook by storm.

Obviously, Thais take their rice very seriously.



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