Whiter Wang: Thai men can now get laser treatment to lighten their penises

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

In a country obsessed with whitening everything, Thai gentlemen can now get a new laser treatment to lighten their penises.

Lelux, an aesthetic hospital outside of Bangkok, is becoming the talk of Thai social media after its employee posted about the treatment dubbed “Pikachu laser” on Facebook. (Yes, the most famous pokemon is used as a Thai slang for “penis.”) The treatment promises to magically decrease the melanin in a penis and make it lighter and “pinkish.”

The video of a Thai man lying on a hospital bed as the doctor allegedly lightened his penis at the end of the bed received nearly four million views since yesterday.

Lelux Hospital advertised the laser on Facebook as, “The most talked-about treatment right now. [To achieve] pink, white Pikachu. End your dark penis problem. It doesn’t hurt or require recovery. Ready to score right after it.”

In the comments, a lot of Thai women are tagging their boyfriends and saying that they should get the treatment, which is offered at THB20,000 (US$620) for five treatments.

In a live video, Lelux Hospital also interviewed the man in the viral post who is said to have been lasered. This patient, who was not named, said the difference is noticeable after the first treatment, “It was much lighter. I’ve had three treatments and now feel better.”

“I’m much more confident to wear swimsuits now when I travel.”

We’re not sure what types of swimsuits he wears…that look better with a lighter wang.

Last year, Lelux Hospital made headlines for offering the “3D Vagina” treatment, which supposedly made a camel toe more visible.

The patient added that a lot of his friends recognized him in the viral post, and many are interested in having their penises lightened.


Editor’s Note: The video was replaced with a re-upload since the original Facebook post was removed.



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