Watch this 15-foot python regurgitate an entire rooster feet first in rural Thailand (VIDEO)

Screenshot from the viral video.
Screenshot from the viral video.

A four-minute video shot in Pathum Thani surfaced late last week on the viral video scene showing a 15-foot python regurgitating a very large rooster feet-first.

The video description says, “A farmer who noticed two of his best roosters were missing was shocked when he found a python had swallowed one. Rescuers caught the snake and made the python regurgitate the rooster.”

Apparently, the rooster we are seeing vomited up is prize-winning. The farmer that owned the cock, Nut Wattana, lives in Pathum Thani, a province in central Thailand just a few hours from Bangkok, reported Daily Mirror.

He woke up last week and realized he did not hear all of his roosters crowing so he went outside to check on them. He immediately noticed that two of his best specimens were missing and noticed the python in his rafters with a telltale lump in its belly.

Nut asked rescue workers to help him, and they forced the snake to throw up the rooster. However, it doesn’t appear to have survived being partially digested. Unfortunately, the body of another rooster was also found at the scene.

Nut said the combined value of the two birds was THB30,000 (US$939).

He said, “I can’t save the birds now. They were two of my favorites. Thankfully, I have a lot more roosters and chickens. I forgive the snake because it was just their natural instinct.”

The snake was removed from the property and released into the wild by the rescue workers.

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