Viral pics of boy holding massive lizard turn out to just be a pillow (PHOTOS)

Photos: Like it, Love it/Facebook

A viral post on popular Facebook page “Love it, Like it” made Thai netizens look twice and share the photos 20,000 times in the last two days.

The images, of a boy in a rural Thai house holding what looks like a mutant giant gecko, are not evidence of a new species or your worst nightmares come to life. They are simply a pillow you can give as a gift that most commenters would not like a receive.


The caption reads, “People who love lizards can’t miss this! Lizard pillow.”

However, most of the comments aren’t as positive. They include, “It’s the most idiotic, paranoia-inducing pillow I’ve ever seen in my in entire life. Imagine waking up to this. You’d be shocked!” while another comment read, “Whoever gifts me this, I’m gonna kick them in the face.” These were posted alongside lots and lots of angry emoticons.

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