VIDEO: Raunchy Russian version of ‘Never go to Thailand’ disgusts every nation equally

Snorting cocaine, smoking weed, stealing from locals, robbing other tourists and hijacking a long-tail boat are among some of the abysmal activities a Russian couple get up to in their “Never Go to Thailand” video.

While the never-go-to type of videos are supposed to showcase what’s great about a certain city or country, this video is more about how it’s so fucking cool to be young, stupid and do illegal things while traveling if you add filters and shit dance music to your footage.


Никогда не посещайте Таиланд!

Never Go to Thailand!Никогда не посещайте Таиланд!

Posted by Моя Паттайя on Saturday, October 31, 2015

And just like that, Thai people stopped complaining about Chinese tourists for one day as the video went viral last night and has received almost 300,000 views.

“It’s because of shitty-grade tourists like this that makes me wish Thailand would require a visa for visitors. The little money that shitty tourists bring into Thailand is not worth it. Next time do this crap in your own country. No need to go to another country and destroy it,” Aya Anekananda commented.

The video also drew some comments from foreigners, also disgusted by the couple’s behavior.

“The only thing that makes Asia ugly are tourist like this. Thailand is a beautiful country with wonderful people,” Farme Sulary said.

The video was posted in a Russian-language community of people who love Pattaya. It responded to the negative comments with this statement.

“‘Never Go to Thailand’ it means like ‘Never try Heroin’ because you will like it [smiley face]”

Yeah, yeah, we get it. But it seems you don’t and you never will.


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