Vandalism on Vacay: Backpacker couple caught in viral clip doing graffiti in Bangkok

It’s not truly high season until we have some viral stories about trashy tourists.

A video that has received over 1.5 million views today shows two foreigners — a blonde in matching elephant dress and backpack and an emo-type dude — casually strolling around Silom Road and leaving their graffiti tag in green paint marker on public property.

“Two farang animals wrote on phone booths and electric poles on Silom Road with a color. I followed and filmed them. They have no shame. Share this until someone catches them,” Facebook user Vorathep Chareonpornpanich wrote.

In the video, it looks like the couple didn’t care that Vorathep was filming them — the guy even mouthed a kiss at the camera. They were seen posting the tags “WOAH” and “XAWI.”

Netizens are enraged by the vandals. Some said that the cameraman should have confronted them. Others pointed out that many Thais also vandalize public property.

The punishment for vandalism under Thai law is a maximum fine of THB5,000 (about US$150).

Photo: Vorathep Chareonpornpanich/ Facebook
Photo: Vorathep Chareonpornpanich/ Facebook

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