Urban creep provokes simian retribution

We’ve gone too far. As one group of aggressive hominids continues to encroach on the domain of others, things are getting ugly out there. And if endless movie franchise reboots teach us anything, it’s that it won’t end well for the humans.

Monkeys are revolting in 183 areas in 47 provinces throughout Thailand due to urban encroachment into their habitats.

Manic macaque militias are pillaging homes, stealing goods and destroying property as people move onto their turf.

Residents in the Bang Kradi community of greater Bangkok reported residents have been dealing with a full-blown monkey rampage, according to community leader Preecha Lampuengworn. They’ve even some snatched food from villagers’ hands.

Things have degraded greatly since the golden days, when man and monkey shared better times together, said Prasong Naknutch, 68. He said they monkeys have been growing more aggressive in the last few years. Most villagers understand that the monkeys need food for their monkey families and monkey business, but the problem is getting worse.

Bang Khun Thian district chief Pongsak Pansawad said although authorities are aware of the issue, he doesn’t think the monkeys should be messed with as they were there first.

If Spanish conquistadors had thought that way about the Americas, we wouldn’t enjoy frozen burritos today.

However Pongsak’s not prepared to cede any territory. Instead he suggests the humans turtle up for a protracted siege by strengthening their homes against monkey incursions, and feed their future monkey masters some free handouts, Bangkok Post and Thairath reported.


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