Uniformly stereotyping Bangkok’s university girls

Women’s university uniforms in Thailand were voted the sexiest in the world a Japanese poll in 2012, so you know they must be legit.

This illustration of how Bangkok female university students wear their uniform has been passed around on social networks for a while after it was created by Twitter user @Pargd, and most seem to agree on the stereotypes. 

Blossoming out of the government high school ponytail hairstyle, most girls tend follow the trends inside their university campus and become the cool kids.

1. Rangsit = Sexy
Rangsit is all about the shortest skirt and tightest top they can find plus a pair of statement heels.

2. Silpakorn = Artsy
Famous as the best school to study arts, Silpakorn girls wear sneakers that they’ve probably painted on themselves and a tote bag carrying paint brushes and pencils.

3. Thammasat = Girly
Thammasat girls keep it girly, with the famous soft curls and a tube skirt around six inches above the knees.

4. Chula = Conservative
Chula freshman girls are required to wear white sneakers and white socks with a long pleated navy skirt, but many stick with the conservative look later in their university career anyway.

5. Assumption = Materialistic
The latest designer handbags, shoes and accessories can be found on the Assumption girls. Notice the the skirt length is slightly shorter than Thammasat.

6. Bangkok = Creative
In the university of Communication Arts, BU girls wear the thigh-length pleated skirts to imitate the Japanese school girl look. Strangely, we rarely see this style at any other Bangkok universities, but looks like it’s the standard at BU’s Rangsit campus.

So what do you think about these stereotypes? Are they true? Let us know in the comments below.

Illustration: Pornnapar Phongsiripreecha


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