Uni student pays THB25 million for ‘lucky’ vanity plate

Here’s to that rich-teen moment when you decide to buy a vanity license plate 50 times more valuable than your car.

This morning the lucky license plate “1 กก 1111 Bangkok” was officially handed to a university student-slash-young businessman after he paid THB25 million for it at an auction held in March by the Department of Land Transport.

Thanapat Tantisaewaekul, a Communication Arts student from ABAC university, said he set his budget at THB50 million for this particular license plate because he likes the letter “ก” (Gor Gai), which is the first letter of the 44 Thai consonants.

Gor Gai and “1” together make for the super lucky “1 กก 1111.” Understand now?

None other than Department of Land Transport Director-general Asdsathai Rattanadilok Na Phuket was on hand to bestow the fancy plate to the student this morning. He said THB25 million was the most anyone’s paid for a vanity plate in 11 years.

To honor Thanapat’s hard cash, the department even allowed him to design the plate’s background however he wanted.

And we’ve got to confess his choice of “eight golden horses galloping down a river of gems” is an awesome way to announce to the world what he’s all about.

All of this is made even more wonderful by the fact Thanapat will affix this wonder to the back of his middle-class Nissan Almera, a totally generic eco car, Matichon reported.

Photos: Kob Krua Kao and Ramai Hongseemueng


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