Uber unveils partnership with LINE

Siripa Jungsawat, General Manager of Uber Thailand, poses at a press conference in Bangkok, April 25, 2017.
Siripa Jungsawat, General Manager of Uber Thailand, poses at a press conference in Bangkok, April 25, 2017.

Uber Thailand revealed its partnership with mega messaging app LINE this morning, as the company continues to operate in the kingdom despite a request from the government that they halt services pending a study.

At a press conference today, Uber celebrated its third anniversary in Thailand by revealing soon-to-launch functions. Its recent partnership with LINE marks the first time an Uber ride can be requested directly via the chat application, which is Thailand’s most widely used with over 40 million active accounts. In order to request a ride, users have to add Uber Thailand’s official account to their LINE account.

Another function includes the calendar shortcut to save time. Riders no longer have to type in their destinations as long as they are noted in their calendars. In the near future, Uber will also be launching an in-app chat function where riders and drivers will be able to communicate more efficiently.

Siripa Jungsawat, General Manager of Uber Thailand said, “Uber is strongly committed to the Thai market, where the usage of smartphones continues to increase along with demand for safe and reliable transportation. In the past three years, we have seen positive growth in the number of riders and driver partners, along with new demand for ridesharing in other parts of Thailand”.

Meanwhile, as the popular app remains unregulated, the company remains positive that there will be a law in the future to deal with the ride-sharing service. It is currently in talks with the government, and a study on the regulation will be conducted by a third party.

“I’m confident that there will be a progress during the six months of the study, meanwhile Uber will continue to operate,” Siripa told reporters.

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