Boyfriend mourns pregnant British girlfriend mommy vlogger who died in Phuket motorbike crash (VIDEO)

Photo: Sophie Emma Rose/Facebook
Photo: Sophie Emma Rose/Facebook

Tributes and expressions of condolences and grief have poured out online for pregnant British vegan parenting vlogger Sophie Emma Rose Anderson, who died in a horrific traffic accident in central Phuket on Monday.

Anderson, 41, who was six months pregnant, was riding pillion on a motorbike when she spilled onto Thepkrasattri Road in Thalang and was crushed by an 18-wheel truck.

The YouTube star, best known for vlogging about breastfeeding children until eight years old on her channel  “Sophie’s Joy,” was mourned in a video yesterday by her boyfriend Danny Glass, 29.

Glass, from Margate in Kent, England, posted a clip on YouTube as part of his initial steps in overcoming his devastating grief.

“She was the world to me,” he said. “I miss her so much… It’s like, is this a dream? Somebody wake me up from this nightmare.”

Glass described Anderson, from Blackpool, England, as his “twin flame”. “(She) understood me the most…I never had someone that understood me so much,” he said.

Adding to the heartbreak was the responsibility of breaking the news to Anderson’s five-year-old son, Shaye, who lived with them in Phuket.

“The person I feel sorry for the most is her little boy, Shaye, who’s five years old and I had to explain to him that his mum was dead and that she isn’t coming back,” Glass said.

“He doesn’t understand that she’s dead, but it’s also a lot for a five-year-old to understand, so it’s going to be a process for him. I feel very sorry for him.”

“I contacted his dad, who now lives in Bangkok, and he did come last night and he’s now looking after Shaye. He will go back with his dad to Bangkok and live there with him, so at least he’s got his dad,” he cried.

In clarifying how the accident happened, Glass explained, “We were on a scooter and on quite a big road with multiple lanes, and we were driving straight  – and I want to clarify this because I’ve read loads of newspaper reports and people saying that I went to overtake a parked car, which is complete misinformation.

“I was driving straight  – I didn’t go around a parked car – and I went to brake because a car suddenly braked in front of me.

“The bike slid, like wobbled. I tried to stabilize it, but I wasn’t able to. It’s two people on a scooter, it’s a very difficult thing to do – and the bike slid to the right side.”

After quickly picking himself up off the road, Glass turned around to witness the horrific image of the truck running over Anderson.

“All I keep seeing is that image keep going through my head over and over and over and over and over – it just won’t stop,” he weeped.

The driver of the truck, who initially fled the scene, soon surrendered himself to police. Police identified him as Nattawoot Kimchue, 30, from Thai Muang in Phang Nga Province, north of Phuket.

Lt. Col. Sanit Nookong of the Thalang Police confirmed today that his officers still had to determine whether any charges should be pressed over the accident.

In his video, Glass thanked people for their support – and called for continuing support in helping him come to terms with the loss.

He added that he was receiving counseling from two professionals on the island.

Glass, himself, is a psychology graduate and a detox and wellness professional. As part of his work, he runs the Sun Fruit Dan channel on YouTube. Messages of condolences and support can be posted there.


Story: The Phuket News

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