Thais rage over monk robe worn by Japanese band in Japan

What happens when you abuse something sacred to Thais outside of Thailand, but you’re not even Thai? Obviously, you will be harassed by the righteous and have your Facebook page spammed all to hell.

Japanese punk band Wat Mayhem Orchestra was forced to apologize after photos of their lead singer Takaya Yamauchi rocking out in a Buddhist monk robe went viral in Thai social media, creating an uproar.

The photos were almost a year old and obviously from a show in Japan, but the time factor has never prevented an opportunity for to create drama. Remember the porn shoot that roused the Ministry of Culture to demand Penthouse Magazine apologize four years after it happened?

The band has removed the photos from their Facebook page and instead posted a blanket apology in Thai to all 67 million Thais.

“I apologize to all Thais,” Yamauchi wrote. “I didn’t mean to offend Buddhism, and I admit I don’t know much about Thai traditions. I’m asking you Thais to forgive me. Thank you. I’m sorry again.”

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