Thai women go around Siam asking men to masturbate to get YouTube views

As women around the world fight for less objectification and equal representation in male-dominant fields of work, a group of Thai women staged a sexual prank to try and gain some YouTube views.

Obviously, the video by YouTube channel “MEMO” whose hostesses are referred to as “7 MEMO sisters” and walk around Siam Square asking men to masturbate in public for them, did its job in getting attention from the press and Thai internet users this week.

Basically, the girls walk up to random guys and say “Can I have your sperm?” and when they hesitate, the sisters would say things like “We’ll help you” or “You probably see us in nude magazines, and you wouldn’t do anything now?”

After a few guys agree, they are made to masturbate in a set-up stall in public that covers up to their necks. This is staged, obviously, but still shows the idea of what young people are willing to do to get instant fame online.

The video was titled “MEMO sisters hunting for sperms” and it has received about 900,000 views since Sunday with the channel earning 10,000 subscribers — a disappointingly low amount considering the attention the stunt gained from local media.

While sexiness sells, raunchiness does the opposite — it makes people stare and look, but not buy. Feedback is mainly negative, and some people who have heard about the video told us they won’t watch it, meaning the channel is just gonna go away when everybody forgets.



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