Thai woman says she got kicked out of Bangkok taxi for having bad breath

Photo: Facebook user “Creamy Moomoo I don’t know, I’m artistic.”
Photo: Facebook user “Creamy Moomoo I don’t know, I’m artistic.”

In the latest taxi driver scandal, a Thai woman claimed a taxi driver kicked her out of the car because she had bad breath, telling her halitosis is “no joking matter.”

The woman, who goes by a Thai Facebook name that translates as “Creamy MooMoo I Don’t Know I’m Artistic,” said she took a taxi from Mo Chit bus terminal on Wednesday night, but the driver stopped at a shop near the terminal to buy breath mints and handed one to her.

“I refused, and he said I had to take the breath mint because bad breath is no joking matter. He said my breath was so bad, so bad it made him want to puke,” Creamy wrote, sharing her snaps of the taxi’s plate number on social media.

วันที่19/7/60. เวลา22.15. ขึ้นแทคซี่คันนี้จากในหมอชิต. คนขับขับออกมาสักพักลงรถไปเอาลูกอมจากร้านข้างหมอชิตมายื่นให้เราอม…

ครีมมี่ มูมู่ กูไม่รู้ กูติส 发布于 2017年7月19日

The user said the cabbie totally overreacted. She sat in the back seat and didn’t speak a word to him.

When the driver saw that Creamy wouldn’t take his breath mint, he got angry, saying that she had to take another taxi because he couldn’t handle the smell of her breath.

“He whined, and he stopped the car to kick me out. I was shaking. He even asked for my number and said I shouldn’t have taken a taxi because I smelled. I was so confused and scared,” Creamy wrote.

Her post has been shared nearly 3,000 times, with some netizens suspecting the breath mint might have contained a sedative. Others suggested she should file a police report.

Coconuts contacted the Facebook user for comment and is waiting to hear back.

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