Thai woman breaks into strangers’ houses to charge her phone

Photo: Facebook/ Kanon Tiger Saitong

Welcome to 2018, the year people finally started breaking into houses to — charge their smartphones.

Our bizarre incident took place at 11:30am on Tuesday, when an elderly resident of Rayong Thap Ma distrcit’s Mahad-Lamhin street spotted a woman climbing out of a neighbor’s window, before then running to another house and climbing over a locked fence.

The entire incident was broken down by one of the victimized homeowners, Kanon Tiger Saitong, in an angry Facebook post.

When the neighbor walked over to confront her, he saw the woman leisurely charging her phone with a tool bag next to her.

When asked what she was doing, she said that she was “hiding from the sun” before quickly climbing out of the house and riding off on her motorbike.

Though nothing was stolen, it’s hard to know what might have happened if the neighbor hadn’t caught her mid-break-in.

For Kanon, the phone charging was enough.

“What gives you the right to break into people’s houses according to your liking AND use our electricity?” he wrote in a Facebook post that has now gone viral.

How viral? It actually reached the perpetrator, who he says then contacted him to apologize.

She, apparently, didn’t intend to intrude but simply didn’t think thoroughly before acting (and by “acting” we mean “breaking into someone else’s home”).

To show transparency, she accompanied Kanon to Muang Rayong Police Station to go on the record as he submitted a police statement.

Though Kanon has decided not to file charges, he’s said he will not delete the Facebook post as he’s not completely convinced she is not a criminal.

Understandably so. Breaking into someone’s house always creates real trust issues.

Coconuts has reached out to Kanon for comment but have yet to receive a response.

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