Thai woman bites Indian tourist’s lower lip off during fight on Pattaya’s Walking Street (VIDEO)

Screenshot: Siamchon News/ YouTube
Screenshot: Siamchon News/ YouTube

Rescue volunteers could not possibly have been prepared for the horrific sight that awaited them in the early hours of this morning on Pattaya’s Walking Street — a 30-year-old Indian national whose bottom lip had been bitten off by a Thai woman in a “fight.”

In a video posted by Pattaya local news site Siamchon News, 38-year-old Sukanya Paphag, can be seen mounting a struggling Shashank Agarwal on the sidewalk.

When rescue volunteers showed up at 4am, they found Agarwal covered in his own blood, with chunks of flesh missing from his mouth, according to Workpoint.   

We’re not gonna lie. Just writing that description sent chills down our spine.

In the video, after they have been separated by bystanders, Sukanya can be heard furiously screaming “you f*cking hit me.” Seemingly unable to cool off from the encounter.

While Sukanya firmly and furiously insisted that Agarwal attack her, he shouted back — as best he could — that he had not done anything.

The video can be seen here. Warning: Graphic content.

Rescuers performed basic medical care on Agarwal before rushing him off to Pattaya Memorial Hospital, reported Siamrath.

Authorities plan to interrogate both parties before issuing any charges.

Sukanya is currently in police custody.

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