Thai woman allegedly catches 14-year-old boy watching her pee in gas station bathroom

Photo: Facebook/ Oren Nnn
Photo: Facebook/ Oren Nnn

“Is this the future of our society?”

That’s the question being asked by a 21-year-old Thai woman who yesterday posted a video of her confrontation with a 14-year-old boy she alleges she caught peering up at her from underneath a gas station bathroom stall as she did her business.

In the video, which is going viral on Facebook today, Wipaporn Wongwijarn can be heard repeatedly asking the boy why he was watching her and had “dared” come into the women’s  restroom in the first place.

“I was going in the second stall and he was in the first stall. He ducked below the stall to look,” Wipaporn can he heard telling someone off-screen.

Photo: Facebook/ Oren Nnn
Photo: Facebook/ Oren Nnn

The accused teen, meanwhile, can be seen standing silently looking at the ground as he takes the post-peeping tongue-lashing.

“You’re only 14, why did you do this?” Wipaporn, an employee of a store inside the gas station, asks in the post accompanying the video.

“I took the first photo because I thought it was weird that someone put their bag down in a wet spot, but about 4-5 seconds after I took the photo, I saw a pair of eyes,”

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Photo: Facebook/ Oren Nnn

“Sh**! Someone’s ducked under the stall to watch me! I was so shocked, I screamed and quickly ran out to tell people,” wrote Wipaporn.

The gas station’s cleaning lady told local reporters that the 14-year-old had been hanging around the vicinity since about 8:30am. After an an hour, she approached the boy to say hello and asked him if he was supposed to be in school, to which he told her he was studying on his own, reported Sanook.

A few moments later, she saw the boy walk into the female bathroom but dismissed it, assuming he had just accidentally walked into the wrong one. That changed at about 1pm, when she heard Wipaporn scream and approached her after she ran out of the bathroom.

Wipaporn told Sanook she was shocked to discover the alleged culprit was only a teen.

Wipaporn reportedly alerted the police about the incident but when she discovered the boy’s age, declined to pursue charges. She simply asked the cops to take him to the station to chastise him and notify his school and family about his behavior.

Here’s hoping the lesson learned at this impressionable age sticks with him.

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