Thai penis whitening treatment doesn’t work, could lead to infection: experts

Photo: Lelux Hospital/ Facebook

Even as the world is still wrapping its head around yesterday’s news about a new penis whitening treatment offered by a hospital outside of Bangkok, experts are responding to the phallic fad. Their thoughts? That the treatment’s results will not be permanent.

A penis is bound to return to its natural color, according to Dr. Mingkwan Wichaidit, director of Thailand’s Department of Medical Services, who told the Morning News that our bodies will still build melanin, which reverses the result of the laser treatment.

Yesterday, Facebook posts on the whitening penis treatment from Lelux Hospital went viral. A video posted to its employee’s personal Facebook page shows a man lying on a hospital bed as the doctor allegedly lightened his penis at the end of the bed beneath a blanket.

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Dr. Mingkwan added that she has heard of the procedure used to lighten nipples, but there is no research to support that the procedure is 100 percent safe on genitals and that side effects such as infection and scars are possible after a laser treatment.

Meanwhile, Dr. Thongchai Kiratihatthayakorn, deputy director of the Health Service Support Department, told the Morning News that laser treatment used in such a delicate area could cause irritation, which would, therefore, lead to infection and potentially affect the reproductive system.

Thongchai added that the department has instructed officials to investigate whether the hospital has violated the Sanatorium Act, which prevents private medical institutes from using a third person/party to advertise on their behalf.

The charge is punishable with one year jail term and/or a fine of THB20,000 (about US$620). An additional fine of THB10,000 is collected daily until the advertisement is removed, Voice TV reported.

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