Thai man opens up after hand-holding photo draws attention worldwide

A gay man abused and humiliated for no reason whatsoever by the most pathetic of internet trolls responded with dignity today over what happened, saying it wasn’t the first time.

In an interview with Thairath, Naparui “Mond” Kaendi addressed the disrespect toward his privacy after all manner of ugliness was hurled at him for doing nothing more than holding hands with his German boyfriend, a moment photographed and spread online to a chorus of malignancy.

“I saw that person. There was someone staring at us, and I thought to myself, ‘Here we go again,’” he told Thairath. “Last year someone took a photo of us too during the Songkran holiday and spread it online, but but it didn’t receive attention as much as this time. I’m not very happy about it.”

But it wasn’t so much homophobia as some judgment about his appearance.

In local social media and Thailand’s biggest newspapers to gay magazine Attitude UK, the story has spread internationally of Thai keyboard trolls bashing Mond for his appearance, saying he doesn’t deserve a “hot white guy.”

The 29-year-old creative director said it wasn’t different than other privacy violations.

“Taking photos of people like that is no different than filming under a woman’s skirt.” he said. “It’s a violation of privacy. The first caption I saw was ‘I’ll have to make my face ugly [to get a hot guy].'”

He said he’s somewhat accustomed to hearing nasty comments about his appearance being “undeserving” of his partner.

“Sometimes people comment ‘the foreigner got himself a hooker.’ People don’t know how long we have been together or who we are. Of course, I cannot tell them what to think, but these things wouldn’t happen if no one took a photo.”

Fan pages have emerged to support the couple, who plan to get a marriage license soon in Germany, but Mond is beyond concerned about the effect on his boyfriend’s future.

“I’m afraid this might affect my boyfriend’s career. They do background checks in Europe and this is a scandal. People who do this [take photos of others without permission], please stop.”

Mond said he doesn’t intend to take legal action but would like the person who started it all to apologize.

“I want to find the person who first posted the photo,” he said. “I want that person to apologize.”


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