Thai man disguises himself as foreigner to steal from gold shop

Photo: Sanook
Photo: Sanook

A former cosmetics seller used his mad makeup skill to disguise himself to look like a foreigner, before then going out to steal from a gold shop in the Bangkok’s outskirts yesterday, police said.

According to employees of Aurora gold shop, located at Big C Bangbuathong, 30-year-old Wongsakorn Petchsanan asked to see four different gold necklaces, before he quickly ran away with them, leaving the shop’s staff in a panic.

Unfortunately for Wongsakorn, who was sporting a fake nose and blue contact lenses, his attempt at a Mission Impossible-style transformation didn’t help him avoid the security guard across the street. Radioed that a gold bandit was at large, the guard swooped in and grabbed the would-be thief as he tried to escape on a moto-taxi.

Wongsakorn was caught with four necklaces weighing a total of “24 baht” or 365 grams in his possession. The man was promptly hauled back to the gold shop, where police soon arrived to make the arrest, Amarin TV reported.

Photo: Sanook
Photo: Sanook

According to today’s conversion rate from the Gold Traders Association, the four necklaces would be worth approximately THB471,600 (US$14,410) in total.

Pol. Col. Sarayuth Sawaddichai said that the length’s the suspect went to look like “a foreigner,” proved the gold theft had been planned out thoughtfully.

He has been charged with theft.

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