Thai man arrested for growing weed dies during interrogation, family file complaint suspecting foul play

Photo: Youtube/ Amarin News
Photo: Youtube/ Amarin News

A Thai woman filed a police complaint yesterday following the death of her 30-year-old brother after authorities told her he suddenly fell ill and died following his arrest for marijuana possession the day prior.

Fourty-year-old Narumon Sinlapin filed the complaint at Phanat Nikhom district Police Station in Chon Buri province against the same station’s drug suppression unit, officers of which were reportedly interrogating her 30-year-old brother, Narupol Sinlapin, at the time of his death.

Narumon Sinlapin. Screenshot: Youtube/ Amarin News

Narumon said that her 40-year-old brother-in-law, Kamon Kaewudom, was the one who reported Narupol’s illegal marijuana cultivation and possession to the police on Wednesday. When Narupol was arrested in his home, officials found one marijuana plant, seven grams of flowers and smoking tools, reported Workpoint.  

He was then reportedly detained for further interrogation. However, Narupol suddenly fell ill during the interrogation, leading to him being transported to Phanat Nikhom Hospital where he died. 

At least, that’s what Narumon was told by the police — and that didn’t sit right with her.

“My family is suspicious about his death because my brother is very strong. He works as a farmer in a cassava plant, raises chickens and ducks and takes care of our sick mother — which contradicts what the police said about him suddenly falling ill,” she told Khaosod.

“Right now a post-mortem forensic examination is being conducted at the hospital. We came to file a complaint today as evidence.” Narumon says she wants justice and an investigation into who may be responsible for her brother’s death so that they can be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

The deceased's 70-year-old mother, Somporn Robjhob. Screenshot: Youtube/ Amarin News
The deceased’s 70-year-old mother, Somporn Robjhob. Screenshot: Youtube/ Amarin News

Meanwhile the deceased’s 70-year-old mother, Somporn Robjhob, said that she was sitting at the front of her house when two top cars carrying about 10 cops arrived to take her son away. She claims the seven grams of marijuana flowers police found belonged to her son-in-law — Kamon, who reported Narupol’s possession to police — not her son.

Her son is her pillar, she added, being a very strong person and having always looked after the family. She doesn’t believe a 30-year-old could suddenly just fall ill and die.

Some of Narupol’s friends confirmed to the media Somporn’s story about her deceased’s grandson’s character and backed up claims that he never used drugs. They also said they believe Narupol was beaten by the cops.

Screenshot: Youtube/ Amarin News
Narupol Sinlapin. Screenshot: Youtube/ Amarin News

Phanat Nikhom Police Station Director Pol.Col. Ekkritna Wanamadimit said that an investigation is being conducted into what happened. While waiting for the autopsy report, interrogators are in the process of interviewing the family of the deceased as well as the accused police in the drug suppression unit.

He will make sure both sides get justice, he added.  

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