Thai ‘Hitler’ cat survives murder attempt by asshole tiny snake (Video)

Staff at a northern hospital got a slithering surprise when a stray cat resembling a 20th-century dictator walked up to their emergency room with a very small, but very furious, green snake locked around his neck.

Having a scaly neck tie wrapped twice around his neck didn’t seem to phase the kitty, who stood calmly as his Lilliputian nemesis feebly attempted to strangle him in a video posted to TikTok with more than a million views. 

Staff at the Nong Khai province hospital rushed to pin the ruthless little snake down by the head with surgical scissors while they used another to carefully unwrap his body from the cat. 

Then, they made the unfortunate decision to name the cat Hitler.

@lammuaylek #คุณหมอช่วยด้วย #งูรัดคอแมว #หมออนามัย #เป็นทุกอย่างให้เธอแล้ว #เจ็บเมื่อไหร่ก็โทรมา1669 ♬ Epic Orchestra – Red Cat Blue

That would have seemed the last of Hitler’s troubles, except that the next day he returned with yet another little snake hot on his heels. The staff believed the cat had attempted to bring the snake as a gift for his rescuers. 

“He most likely brought it as a souvenir for rescuing his life,” read the caption on a follow-up video. 

Amused hospital staff could be heard taunting the cat for being scared of such a little snake as they shooed it away with an old broom.

Despite all the laughs, many people were concerned about the cat, which appeared pretty beat up. The Tiktoker who posted the video responded that the staff were treating Hitler for his injuries and expected the cat to make a full recovery.

@lammuaylek #วันนี้เอางูมาฝากหมอจ้า สงสัยเอาของฝากมาขอบคุณที่ช่วยชีวิต #งูรัดคอแมว #ฮิตเตอร์ #กระแสมาแรง ♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – 👸🏻I Am Muaylek♾

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