PHOTOS: Thai guy’s ‘teacup pig’ won’t stop growing, now they’re best friends

Eight months ago, Pattanadon Taesakul bought a female teacup piglet from an exhibition in Muang Thong Thani for THB3,000, but to his surprise, the baby pig grew into a normal-sized pig twice the size of her owner.

The 25-year-old shop owner from Nonthaburi and his 150-kilogram pig named “Junior” made headlines in local media this week, after photos of the giant pig wearing a pink bow took social media by storm.

Despite Junior’s giant size, Pattanadon said he still loves his pet, and they sleep in the same bed every night. Junior “eats like a human” and enjoys a wide range of dishes from pizza to pasta to fried rice with sausages.

Pattanadon said Junior accompanies him as he operates his tool shop. After they close for the night, Junior walks up the stairs to their living area herself.

According to Manager, Pattanadon vows to take care of Junior until “death do they part.”

You can follow Junior at her Facebook page “Junior the Evil Pig”

Photos: Junior the Evil Pig

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