Thai government hopes to increase tourism through Pokémon Go

News of the highly popular Pokémon Go game being restricted in Thailand took a 180-degree turn when the government decided the game could help save the country’s tourism industry instead.

Minister of Tourism and Sports Kobkan Wattanawarangun said she wishes to talk to the Pokémon Go creators in Japan, in hopes that they’ll be willing to offer a helping hand by increasing the amount of attainable rare pokémons in Thailand, as well as increase the amount of Pokéstops and gyms.
Maybe one day we’ll see a Tauros roaming around a local rice paddies, instead of having to go all the way to North America to catch it. It certainly looks close enough to our water buffaloes.

Photo: Bulbapedia

Maps and infographics on “How to be a Pokémon Go master” will also be produced as well and handed out to trainers. This booklet will supposedly include tips on where to “catch ‘em all” while staying safe. Kobkan is hoping that this will help attract more tourists, as well as help them forget the attacks that occurred in the south part of Thailand recently, Inn News reported.

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