Thai dog who lost half her face finds forever home in New Jersey

Screenshot of Teresa from 6ABC video.

After almost getting butchered for her meat, former stray dog Teresa was sent from Thailand to a loving owner in New Jersey in January.

The two-year-old mixed breed pup became disfigured after a man used a machete to try and kill her for food. Fortunately for Teresa, he wasn’t much of a swordsman, and she survived — but just barely.

The horrible incident left Teresa without a nose and missing most of her top jaw as well.

However, one woman in New Jersey still found the poor dog beautiful and opened her heart and home to Teresa two months ago.

Karen Quigley, the special-ed teacher who rescued Teresa, told 6ABC News, “Unfortunately, in Thailand people do eat dog meat, and a person had a machete and he was trying to cut her head off.”

Teresa still needs a lot of medical care to get her in the best shape she can be in after her incident. So Quigley and her friend, Michelle Weirich, started a GoFundMe campaign that has already raised over USD11,000.

The generously-given funds were used for Teresa’s transportation to the U.S. and for surgery to remove impacted teeth and fix her tongue.

Amazingly, despite her numerous injuries, Teresa can still eat normally and doesn’t even seem to notice her injuries.

“She eats hard food, she eats wet food, really I haven’t found anything she can’t do. She’s so amazing because she’s really so happy. She wakes up happy, she loves to run in the yard,” Quigley said.

She even found a new favorite snack: provolone cheese!

Eventually, Quigley wants Teresa to become a therapy dog that works with disfigured children.

The vet who is treating Teresa, Dr. John Lewis, said that, despite her appearance, Teresa is recovering well.

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Photo: 6ABC

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