Taxi drivers explain why they reject you

Taxi drivers posted on their community Facebook page that they are being unfairly “oppressed” and condemned, at least according to them.

Facebook page ‘Voice of Taxis,’ the online community for taxi drivers, posted a controversial status earlier in November to explain one of Bangkok’s biggest problems: why do taxi drivers silently shake their head when you tell them your destination?

“We don’t reject passengers, we just reject your destination,” the taxi admin wrote, “We earn THB100 from you, but do you know what we have to pay for it? Do you think it is worth our time?”

The status claims taxi drivers should be able to file complaints against bad customers.

“You recite the law that oppresses us. Make it fair! Taxi drivers should be able to file a complaint when passengers tell them to drive to an area with bad traffic and get out before their destination. That way we’ll be equal.” it said.

Although the fare hike is expected soon, the status mentions “those of us who don’t want to pay more”.

“You want good service, but you corner us in every way. You want everything to go your way, but you don’t wanna pay more. Is that fair?”

Lastly, the taxi drivers ask questions that will make you ponder your existence for the rest of the day.

“What if your salary is not worth your work and not enough to pay for your monthly expenses? Would you be okay with that?”

Well, there are other jobs, right? And they sometimes get lucky with the tourists who forget a bunch of cash under the seats.

Photo: Sugree 


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