The Super Auntie: Latest stereotype celehates the imperious aunties of Bangkok

They say you haven’t experienced Bangkok until you’ve encountered the Super Auntie.

Those stern, kinky-haired matrons who ran out of givable fucks back in the ‘90s and now seem happy to make everyone else miserable.

Blame the decline of elder respect, but true stories of citizens battling thoughtless Super Aunties have become the most popular thing to rant about online recently.

Maybe it’s just because they’re awful. Almost every one of us has felt offended, shamed or taken advantage of by the Super Aunties and their totally not-cool behavior.

Here are some trademarks of the archetypal Super Auntie, or Manud Pa:

– Thinks they have some kind of superpower which makes the world orbit around them

– Feels they are the first priority and does not acknowledge anyone else’s rights

– If they ever knew it, has forgotten all basic human courtesies

– Acts like a different species

The arrows on the floor of a BTS or MRT platform mean nothing. Super Aunties are such bosses they know the empty space in the middle is reserved for them – no matter how many human waits in the line. Photo: Joey Dongfang

Wanna sit down at a bus stop? Too bad for you, Super Auntie’s magic bags are so awesome they take two seats. Photo: Manud Pa

Photos documenting the Super Auntie in her environment aren’t the only contributions. Nonfiction stories of Super Auntie-greatness are also popular to share:

“Everyone was waiting in line at the ladies’ room at Siam Paragon, but an old lady passed the line and walked right in to a stall as soon as the previous person came out,” one Pantip user wrote. “I decided to block the door and told her to wait in line, but she yelled at me and called me crazy. ‘Everyone else is waiting for their friends!’ the Super Auntie dismissed.”

This response was probably delivered with eyes-over-top-of-glasses:

“I was queuing at McDonald’s after school. When it was my turn to order, a Super Auntie from another line cut in front of me and started ordering,” recounted another tale on Facebook. “I randomly said, ‘Oh, look how people are these days.’ She turned at me and said ‘A student. Did you skip class to be here?’ It was 4pm, and I was at Lotus supermarket with my dad.”

This takes balls:

“I got in a cab in front of Siam Square. When the car was stuck in traffic, a Super Auntie knocked on the window and randomly got in the car without asking for permission,” according to another Pantipper. “She said, ‘Can I tag along? It’s so hot! I’m getting off at MBK.’”

The sudden release of pent-up Super Auntie rants recently led to the creation of “Manud Pa” on Facebook, which is dedicated to the submitted stories and photos of the mannerless people has now reached 52K likes within two months.

Although Super Auntie might illustrate and takes inspiration from women of our mothers’ age, the admin of the Facebook page says the term can refer to any person regardless of gender or age who does not know how to behave to public. So yes, any one of us could be a Super Auntie.

A popular Pantip forum has catalogued the Super Auntie’s characteristics. Have you encountered this species? Or worse, are you one of them?!

1. Super Auntie is always right. Your argument is invalid.

2. For Super Auntie, there is no shame in cutting the queue.

3. Super Auntie likes free stuff and WILL take as many possible.

4. Super Auntie is always the first to board a BTS/MRT train, because there’s a special lane in the middle just for them.

5. Super Auntie is faster than she looks – do not get in her way as she rushes the last empty seat.

Graphic: KhunPaaaa

Photo: Coconuts Bangkok

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