Students rage at Chinese girl for cosplaying as hot Thai student on Chiang Mai campus

 What girl wouldn’t want to try out the local student uniforms of another country? Especially, when that country is Thailand, where university uniforms have been voted the “sexiest school attire” by Japanese media, a legit honor indeed.

Many Thai students blasted a female Chinese tourist who bought a classic university uniform to flaunt on the campus of Chiang Mai University.

Thais took to the tourist’s blog to share their outrage over what they deemed “inappropriate” behavior at their educational institute. In the photos, the girl poses as if the university ground was a tourist attraction and displays public affection – even a bigger no-no in the conservative, icy north – to her boyfriend on uni property.

“You’re too loud and disturbing,” one purported student wrote. “CMU is a campus, a place for study. Not a tourism site! And learn some traffic rules. You are blocking the way!”

Another complained it was culturally insensitive.

“School uniforms in Thailand are considered sacred,” the anonymous poster wrote. “It’s not for cosplay purpose. This shows how disrespectful you are. Next time, do a bit of research when you visit another country. Never come back to Thailand. Thanks.”

Other comments from students also expressed disapproval of the woman, who must have read them by now because the blog entry has been removed. Or possibly “harmonized” by image-obsessed authorities.

Anyone would want to have a unique traveling experience and do as the locals do, but apparently cosplaying as a local student is a bit too far.

At least in Thailand, where wearing a student uniform is a privilege only for those enrolled in that university.


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  1. It's not really cosplay is it? That's dressing up as a movie or TV, or fantasy character. A University uniform is hardly that …

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