Stop wasting your time with real women and get a sex doll, Bangkok man advises

A Bangkok man who has shacked up with a sex doll four years wants people to be more open-minded about inanimate intimacy – and the money they can save.

The man, identified only as 54-year-old Kim of Nonthaburi province, said that he has enjoyed a stable relationship with the doll he made his wife after divorcing his human spouse.

He bought the lifelike doll he lovingly calls Nong Song from a Japanese second-hand shop for THB30,000. She is 160 centimeters tall and weighs about 70 kilograms.

Kim told reporters that he thought caring for her was more economical as he saves money on food. Instead, he prefers to spend his money online to buy her outfits and wigs when he gets bored with the way she looks.

Based on photos he shared, that includes dressing the doll up like a schoolgirl, something his flesh-and-blood wife may have objected to. He said that his ex-wife and their daughter are aware of his new lifestyle.

Before he began his relationship with the doll, Kim said he had read that dolls help reduce rape and STDs in society.

Also from the TMI department, Kim explained that he uses a condom to have sex with his plastic wife and cleaning oil at least twice a year to scrub it down.

He said he hopes that by going public about his relationship, more people will change their perspective on sex dolls. He also mentioned again that having sex dolls translates into less raping. The only difficult part, he said, was the expense of the doll and costs of accessories and clothing for it.


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