Some Like it Wet: Baked Bangkok relieved by rain

Screenshot: Forrest Gump
Screenshot: Forrest Gump

Bangkok went from searing to swimming as powerful rainstorms brought flooding to parts of the capital this morning and a respite from the forever-hot that’s plagued the capital for weeks.

Commuters got their shoes, socks and pant cuffs soaked this morning in the ‘burbs, from Bearing and Bang Na in the east to Phra Khanong, due to storms expected to last another day throughout most of the country.

Heavy rains, winds and thunderstorms are forecast for much of the nation, with the northeast expected to be hit especially hard. Rainfall is expected across 70 percent of the Isaan region.

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The outburst of cloudbursts won’t last long however – state meteorologists predict precipitation will fall off in the upper parts of the kingdom throughout the weekend, while the south will continue to be inundated. High wave warnings of two meters have been issued on both coasts, with seafarers advised to be cautious.

In the capital, the rain is forecast to taper off through the weekend before returning with a vengeance on Tuesday and persisting through the following week.

Last night’s strong-but-brief downpour was but a prelude to the rainy season, now officially predicted to begin May 26.

Initial forecasts predict a drier rainy season than the year prior. Phuwieng Prakhammintara, the grand poobah of state weatherpeople, told Matichon that he expects upward of 20 percent less rainfall this year.

“I would like to remind citizens to take care of themselves because the weather is constantly changing right now. Avoid standing in open fields, under trees or beneath billboards that are not strong. Also be very cautious about lightning!” he said, electrically.

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