Snow Moon visible from Thailand on Saturday at dawn

The sight of February’s Snow Moon may be an excuse for you to party until tomorrow at dawn.

The penumbral lunar eclipse will occur in the Bangkok sky at exactly 5:34am on Saturday. The phenomenon will be visible for about an hour before the moon sets at 6:42am, according to Saran Posayajinda, deputy chief of Thailand’s National Astronomical Research Institute.

In a penumbral lunar eclipse, only the more diffuse outer shadow of Earth falls on the moon’s face. Unlike a total lunar eclipse, where the moon turns blood-red, Saturday’s eclipse will only leave a dark shading on the moon’s face. Some people may not notice at all.

If you miss this lunar event, Saran said a partial eclipse will occur at midnight on August 7.

People in Thailand will be able to see a total lunar eclipse again in 2018, on January 31 and July 28

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