Sick Bangkok couple adopt dozens of cats online, allegedly kill them all

Animal activists have made a plea to police to prosecute a couple in Bangkok after they adopted dozens of cats that needed homes from Facebook posts and are believed to have killed all of the felines.

Animal rights organization Watchdog Thailand filed a complaint with Wangthonglang police on Friday after collecting reports from more than 10 cat owners who gave their cats to a man and never heard an update about the welfare of their felines. 

On Friday, police inspected the couple’s apartment with the latest victim, who had just given her cat to the couple that day without knowing their story. It turns out, they didn’t find the cat at their apartment even though the animal was handed over just a few hours earlier. 

The husband, who works as a motorcycle taxi driver, told police the cat had escaped through the window. He reportedly told other cat owners that their animals were either bitten to death by dogs, died from sickness, were given away to his relatives or were let go because they fought with other cats. Sometimes, he simply blocked the former cat owners on Facebook to keep them from contacting him.

But when the police visited on Sunday, to the horror of cat lovers, four dead cats were found scattered around the couple’s apartment building, wrapped in plastic bags. Two more cat corpses were found on the building’s awning, according to Watchdog Thailand.

An eyewitness said she has seen more than 20 cat corpses dumped around the building with blood gushing from their mouths, some with their necks still tied with ropes.

Watchdog Thailand has located more than 10 victims and evidence, from Facebook posts and private Facebook conversations, of cat adoptions.

Two victims, who said they gave away their Calico and traditional Siamese cats to the couple on Thursday, have not found their cats and are hoping the animals are still alive somewhere.

This Siamese cat was adopted by the couple on Thursday, according to Watchdog Thailand

Watchdog Thailand is requesting that police charge the couple with animal cruelty and have demanded that a court order be made for them to stay away from animals since they can easily get their hands on more cats at temples or on the street.

The investigation is ongoing.

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