Sex Kittens: Siamese Kitty Cat calendar pairs gorgeous girls with cats to encourage adoption (PHOTOS)

Last Friday, in a downtown photo studio, a gaggle of nearly-naked women lounged around drinking champagne with a pack’s worth of stray cats. One of them was even missing two legs. One of the cats, not one of the girls.

They were all there to shoot a sexy new calendar with a serious message. Siamese Kitty Cat is a new undertaking by Catherine Costa, a Thai-American woman who is passionate about cat adoption.
Costa is a former marketing employee at PAWS Bangkok, a non-profit that cares for stray cats and facilitates cat adoption. These days, Costa is a freelancer but still wanted to give back to the cat charity.
It was her idea to create a calendar featuring 12 sexy Thai girls, each one posing with a cat or a cat-themed accessory. Proceeds from the sale of the calendar will be donated to PAWS Bangkok.

She said, “I wanted to bring attention to cat adoption in a fun way. I mean, hot girls and cats, who doesn’t love that?”

The point of the calendar is to get your attention, which the sexy pictures certainly do. Beyond that, Costa hopes to bring awareness to the idea that there are lots of stray cats in Bangkok who need homes and that it’s a great alternative to buying a pricey purebred kitten.

The calendar was shot by Costa, Megan Rogers and Nattawan Kotcharit.

Everyone involved with Siamese Kitty Cat donated their time to the worthy cause, and to make it more fun, Costa convinced Pageant to DJ some tunes while Booz’d, a hip new beer and wine importer, donated some bottles of bubbly (both champagne and beer) to get the girls in the playful mood necessary to get the perfect cheeky, kittenish images for the shoot.

“I wanted to make it fun so I created a party atmosphere at the shoot,” said Costa.

One of the models, Veronica Guarino, said, “Towards the end, it was just a super fun dance party with sexy girls, kittens, prosecco and TLC full blast. Could you think of a better way to spend a Friday night? Oh, and it was all in the name of charity.”
“It felt great that it was a project all put together by women, featuring feminine beauty. There’s something special about ladies banding together to do something as wonderful as this.”

The photos, done in black-and-white, have a carefree, sexy vibe to them. The girls were told to wear what they felt good in so some sport swimsuits, some wear lingerie and others are simply in sexy outfits you might see in a nightclub.

The girls ranged from complete photo newbies to those that have modeled professionally.
To accompany the sexy girls, Costa collected 12 cats from PAWS to appear in the photos.

Perhaps the most famous personality on set was Train Kitty, a two-legged cat that acts as PAWS ambassador and lost two of her legs and her tail in what was thought to be an accident with a train.

“My whole idea was to make it fun. Animal welfare isn’t always fun or glamorous. It can be dirty and gross. And there’s the Thai idea of pets as accessories, so we’re playing off that idea. And also the idea of the old, crazy cat lady. We wanted to show hot, young cat ladies too.”

Costa asked for Thai or half-Thai models because she hopes to draw interest in cat adoption from the Thai community.

“I just hope to get people talking about adopting cats. I don’t have anything against pure breeds but it’s something that we need to talk about. Here, where people are so attached to image, it might get them talking to see these street cats being held and loved by cute, sexy girls. It creates a contrast,” she said.

The photographers and the models behind Siamese Kitty Cat pose after a hard night’s shoot. Costa is in front. 

Costa got over 30 applicants and hopes to use some of the models she couldn’t use this time for a future project. She also hopes to expand into a project using male models as well.

The calendars will be printed soon and would make great holiday gifts. Costa plans to hold a launch party for the calendar soon.

“Like” the Siamese Kitty Cat Facebook page for updates about the calendar, the party and other upcoming projects.

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