Series of unwise gas station decisions leaves Bangkok woman scarred (Video)

A fire breaks out at Bangkok gas station. Photo: Benjaporn Mootao Boonree / Facebook
A fire breaks out at Bangkok gas station. Photo: Benjaporn Mootao Boonree / Facebook

Electrical sparks plus diesel fuel add up to one traumatized woman, who said today that she’s still freaking out about a fire that broke out while recharging her hybrid car.

Sarintip “Tao” Rojanadissopon told Coconuts Bangkok this afternoon that though she’s reached a settlement with the gas station in Bangkok’s Don Mueang district, she remains so shaken by the attention-grabbing moment that she’s popping anxiety pills.

“The incident replays in my head when I sleep, it still shocks me,” the 30-year-old business owner said, adding that she hopes this incident serves as a reminder to exercise caution at the pump.

“After all, this whole thing occurred because the station employee was negligent,” she said.

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Sarintip said she’d stopped at the station and asked an unidentified employee to fill her tank with diesel fuel. She walked away to use the ATM. When she returned, the same employee told her he’d mistakenly filled her tank with E20 fuel. An outside tech was called in to drain the fuel from her tank, a portion of which spilled and pooled beneath her vehicle.

At some point, someone had the brilliant idea began recharging her hybrid Honda CR-V’s battery at the same time. The lines became tangled, the charging line fell into the gas, and rapid exothermic combustion ensued.

A tech standing by in gas-stained clothes also partially burst into flames, which he quickly stripped off, leaving him with only minor burns to his arms and legs. 

The incident spread online after Sarintip posted footage she filmed with her phone of the ensuing fire.

“I was in such shock, I was shaking and crying. I was terrified for my life,” said 

Sarintip, who was uninjured. The fire was put out and her car only suffered minor damage.

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Technicians draining Sarintip’s car. Photo: Benjaporn Mootao Boonree / Facebook

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