Seoul Secret apologizes for racist black face advert ‘White is winning’

Seoul Secret, the whitening supplementary brand, has apologized for its latest advert with the appalling slogan, “White is winning,” a racist message that has made headlines globally.

“Seoul Secret, as the rightful owner of the video clip, would like to apologize for the mistake, and claim full responsibility for this incident. Our company did not have any intention to convey discriminatory or racist messages,” the statement said.

“What we intended to convey was that self-improvement in terms of personality, appearance, skills, and professionality is crucial.”

The one-minute video, which was released on YouTube yesterday, features a local superstar Cris Horwang whose skin was digitally altered to go completely black as she talks about how she could lose her career along with her white skin if she stopped taking care of herself.

“If I stopped taking care of myself, everything that I worked for, the whiteness I invested in, would be all gone,” she said. 

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The company removed the video this afternoon after issuing the statement.


The advert was made by production company Rod Wai Lert together with Hub Ho Hin production house. Hub Ho Hin is a former partner of GTH, a mega production house which produced many popular Thai films and TV series before it closed down last month.


‘White is winning’ racist whitening pill advert storms web

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