Relatives find blood-stained mattress police missed in German’s slain girlfriend’s room

Forensic police have now inspected the room a third time, and have dispatched the blood-stained section of mattress for DNA tests

Police are now investigating a very large blood stain found on the mattress in the room of slain Phuket beautician Pischa Nampadung. The stain, approximately 18 inches wide, was discovered by relatives who were gathering the woman’s belongings after her funeral on Wednesday.

The room had reportedly already been searched by forensic police…twice.

Pischa, 35, and her German boyfriend Nico Papke, 35, who is suspected of her murder, lived in the room together, said police.

Papke is being guarded by police at Vachira Phuket Hospital after trying to commit suicide as the police moved in to arrest him. He is expected to remain in the hospital for a few more days.

Forensic police cut the blood-stained section of the mattress and sent it for the further investigation.

Police are awaiting autopsy, DNA, and fingerprint results which will form part of the evidence in the investigation, as well as blood stains inside a car rented by Papke and thought to be the vehicle used to dispose of Pischa’s body, which was found wrapped in blankets and dumped in the Phuket jungle last Saturday.

Asked this morning how forensic police failed to find the blood stain on her mattress, an officer declined to answer.

Story: The Phuket News


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