Reddit sets out to solve Thailand’s mystery ear coins

Photos: Meister101 / Reddit
Photos: Meister101 / Reddit

What’s up with Thai dudes loading their lobes with coins?

That was a question posed this week in the ivory tower of human knowledge that is Reddit, causing ears to perk up and hear out responses both hilarious and sincere. The query was paired with photos of an unidentified man with five coins crammed into his conchas without any regard for hygiene.

According to Offshore-Dod, it’s an old thing that’s made its way back into the collective lug hole.

“More common in upcountry kids and not something I have actually seen for a long time TBH – although it used to be a common sight 30 years ago. I was told it was just as simple as ‘I’’ve got 5 baht,” and dates back to a time when 5 baht in upcountry areas was a usable amount of money. That and perhaps a bit of rakish style.”

Some said it was something people did when they were young for bus fares, out of convenience, or to safeguard them from unreliable pockets.

Ed. Note: For the purpose of clarity and reducing reader pain, we have translated Redditorspeak into English in this article.

“That’s where parents put bus fare for kids who would otherwise lose it. Then the kids grow up and just keep doing it for fun or out of habit,” No-Passenger2662 commented.

“Just asked my girlfriend, her reply was. ‘I don’t know we just do, I used to do it too,’” S1walker wrote.

“If I had 1 baht for every time i’ve heard that, i could fill both my ears.”

“When you want an AirPod but all you have is 3 THB.”

“Cause if someone robs you, they will never look into your ears.”

“Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.”

“Listening to 50 Cent.”

“This is the new type of crypto. Fitcoin. Status depends on how many you can fit in.”

Best capturing the absurdity, was HatCat818’s callback to a famous Grampa Simpson monologue:

“So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time,” the top comment read.

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