Rare mushroom worshiped for lottery numbers in Bangkok home

A rare Octopus Stinkhorn mushroom discovered in the pot of a Bangkok houseplant has become an object of worship and potential fortune as crowds line up to glean lucky lottery numbers from it.

Nit Sangsikaew, 51, proudly welcomed the press and neighbors to her Pathum Thani home in northern Bangkok, where she recently woke to find one of the rarest species of mushroom in her rose pot.

Nit, who owns a construction tool shop, believes the mushroom to be a fungal herald of prosperity for her family, because it appeared just days before the lottery draw. Not one to hoard the good fortune, she has welcomed locals who want to check out the mushroom and find their own winning numbers.

Wanchai Klomklieng of the government’s Plant Protection Department paid a visit to scientifically confirm it’s a really lucky spore-in-a-million moment. Wanchai said it’s so unheard of for a Octopus Stinkhorn to grow in Thailand that it must have been carried from abroad.

Octopus Stinkhorn is edible and indigenous to Australia and Tasmania, Thairath reported.

Photo: Sanook

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