Rampaging, thirsty lizard terrifies Bangkok 7-Eleven (Video)

Godzilla broke out of the cinemas and has rampaged through one of Thailand’s 7-Elevens.

After first glancing into the coolers – perhaps it was too early for alcohol – a beefy monitor lizard went vertical, scaling nine shelves of milk products before coming to rest atop cartons of Lactasoy before bewildered customers and shrieking employees.

Video first shared online last night opens with the lizard’s failed attempt to open the door to the convenience store’s beverages. After the unsuccessful attempt, it elicits shrieks when it suddenly begins to climb, using its long, claw-tipped fingers. While it reaches the top of the shelf, it sends milk cartons raining onto the ground.

“Cute. Is he hungry? Does he want to eat? Geez! He wants to eat!” a woman’s voice can be heard saying, while what sound like employees scream in the background: “The shelves are ruined! Oh my god.” 

While it was cleanup time for the workers, Jejene Narumpa wrote in her Facebook caption that the weather was hot and maybe the lizard just needed some cool air. While it was unclear where exactly where it happened, her Instagram story was tagged Soi Ban Tang Sin, which is in the Salaya area of west metro Bangkok’s Nakhon Pathom province

Some viewers cited the ubiquitous chain’s motto for the lizard’s motivation.

“Whenever you’re hungry, visit 7-Eleven, huh?” GGuitar Watcharapron wrote.

“Do you have all-member, sir?” Nuttapol Aof Boonsajai wrote, in reference to the cashier’s catchphrase asking visitors if they register in the store membership.

However, some take this quite spiritually, like general Thais whenever a rather strange thing happens.

“Do you know the branch number? in case the lizard turns to give out lottery luck,” Nuch Moon wrote.

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