Police in search of ‘disrespectful’ tourist who climbed Koh Samui’s sacred penis rock

Koh Samui authorities are searching for the naughty foreigner who disrespected the entire island by climbing on the sacred penis-shaped rock and posing for a photo.

Facebook group “Samui People” shared photos of a male tourist climbing on the sacred rock and criticized him for being disrespectful while the others feared he might have damaged the aging rock.

Koh Samui’s secretary-general Jarisak Wanbaworn said the island would make a new sign to inform tourists that climbing the rocks is forbidden. He noted that the current sign is damaged, TNews reported.

Locally known as Hin Ta and Hin Yai (Grandfather and Grandmother rocks), these amazing rock formations on Koh Samui’s cost are very old and resemble male and female genitalia.

Grandmother rock. Photo: Peter P.

The rocks are respected by the locals as a symbol of a well-kept promise. Ancient folklore says that, once upon a time, Grandpa Kreng and Grandpa Riam, who were from Nakhon Sri Thammarat, sailed to Koh Samui to propose a marriage for their son, but when they were about to reach Lamai beach, a storm caused their boat to flip and all their dowry was lost in the water.

Their relatives, who were also in the boat, drowned. Only Grandpa Kreng and Grandma Riam survived and made it to the beach.

Distraught by their loss and afraid the bride’s father would think they had broken their promise of a dowry, the couple jumped into the sea to their death and prayed they would be reborn as a symbol on the beach so that the bride’s family would know that they never meant to break their promise.

It is unclear what they will charge the tourist with if they find him, but at least, he will probably have to do a wai picture like this Russian woman who visited a Phuket temple in a flashy, see-through dress.

Grandfather rock. Photo: Peter P.

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