Police look for Thai couple who went viral for having sex in supermarket’s cleaning supply aisle

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

The Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) is investigating photos of an exhibitionist Thai couple after they started going viral on Facebook yesterday.

The photos, showing the couple engaged in a compromising position in front of the toilet deodorizer shelves, were first posted by local Facebook page “SSBN Thailand” yesterday. The page, which usually posts controversial videos and images, was taken down after the pics went viral.

TCSD Deputy Spokesman Pol. Maj. Gen. Siriwat Deepor said that he’s looking to charge the person who first uploaded the pornographic photos to the internet — a crime punishable by up to five years in prison and/or a fine of THB100,000 (about US$3,000).

From our research, we suspect that the couple actually posted their photos to the internet themselves, as they’re marked with the URL of a local adult forum in which Thais post pornographic photos of themselves and look for swinging partners.

Maj. Gen. Siriwat urged citizens  who might have information on who the couple is to post a tip on the TCSD website.

“Citizens can submit tips to us, not only for the case of the couple having sex in a shop, but for other cases as well. We’ll investigate all of them and keep your identifies confidential,” he told Morning News.

Maj. Gen. Siriwat said the police suspected they knew the store in which the photos and would ask the supermarket in question for their CCTV footage.

But even if police know which supermarket chain it took place in, finding the exact store could be tough. Judging from the “Very Cheap” slogan on the shelves, we’d guess that the couple was at a Big C store, which has over 600 branches in Thailand.

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

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