PDRC guard arrested for assaulting pilot trainee on Don Muang tollway

A protest guard from the anti-government movement was arrested last night in connection with the widely-discussed assault on the Don Muang Tollway last month.

Chiwat Dee-ngam, 20, was arrested in Bangkok’s Taling Chan district last night and accused of assaulting Surasak Sowatanangkum, a 27-year-old pilot trainee.

On May 9, Surasak was driving to the airport to check the results of an examination when he encountered an anti-government roadblock near the Police Club. Several vehicles were reported stuck in traffic for hours.

After Surasak removed several cones, a number of guards surrounded and beat him.

The police charged Chaiwat of leading the assault; his arrest warrant was issued three weeks ago.

Police said Chaiwat confessed to the assault, claiming the pilot trainee tried to run through the guards with his car before getting out to remove the traffic cones.

Chaiwat added the boiling weather drove him to start the assault, Bangkok Post and Kapook reported.

The blockage of Don Muang tollway on May 9 also caused several tourists to give up their taxis and walk down the tollway in the heat to catch their flights.


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