Pattaya ladies steal from Iranian man’s hotel safe after he refuses to pay them

Photo: Manager
Photo: Manager

An Iranian tourist in Pattaya refused to pay the two ladies he spent the night with, so they stole money worth THB37,000 from his hotel safe while he was in the bathroom.

On Monday night, Pattaya police received a report about an argument between a Thai woman and a foreigner at B2 Hotel. At the hotel, police found 55-year-old Iranian national Talebi Esfahani and 23-year-old Thai woman Chanaporn Sueatao. The woman had been prevented from escaping by the hotel staff.

According to Mohammad, he “invited” Chanaporn to his hotel room that night, and she brought along her friend, Parichat Thaisamal, 46, as company.

After he came out of the bathroom, he saw the girls splitting some cash, but he didn’t suspect anything at first. Later, when he checked his hotel safe and found his money gone, he grabbed Chanaporn, who quickly handed her cash to her friend who ran away with all the money.

Parichart escaped with USD800 and THB9,000 cash.

At the police station, Chanaporn denied that her action was theft. She claimed that Muhammad refused to pay for “her service” because they could not agree on the price, so she simply took the money she was supposed to get paid.

Chanaporn tried to call her friend Parichart who had the money, but she refused to turn herself in.

Police did not believe Chanaporn’s words and charged her for theft. An arrest warrant was also issued for Parichart, Manager reported.
It was not reported what service the two ladies offered to the Iranian man, but it could not possibly be prostitution since the Thai police said that doesn’t exist, and especially not in the family resort town of Pattaya.

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