Pattaya food vendor returns THB1.3 million cash and checks she found on street

Screenshot: Siamchon News
Screenshot: Siamchon News

An honest street food vendor has placed Pattaya in a good light by returning lost checks and cash worth THB1.3 million, about $37,800, early Sunday morning — the story is probably the best thing that has happened in Pattaya in decades.

Sumaree Sriuam, 29, who sells chicken noodles, was riding her motorbike near Bali Hai Pier, when she found a wallet on the ground.

The wallet contained three THB400,000 checks, THB29,822 cash, and credit cards belonging to a man named Wutthikorn Hanwutthisut.

Sumaree decided to bring the lost property to Muang Pattaya Police to help look for the owner.

“I just feel sorry for the owner,” Sumaree told Siamchon News. “I don’t want other people’s property, and I know they’d want it back.”

As Wutthikorn was reportedly in the hospital and could not travel to the police station, his brother Thanawut came to retrieve the wallet. He praised Sumaree and gave her a sum of money for her honesty while the woman who accompanied him gave the street vendor a big hug.


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