Panic grips villagers as headless wraith stalks Buri Ram

To discourage a malevolent spirit from entering their homes, residents in Buriram province have come up with a devilish trick. They hangshirts with printed messages in front of their homes to mislead a gullible ghost.

“Nobody’s home!” reads one. Another identifies a home as celestial property: “Only angels live here. No humans.”

Villagers had to take these extraordinary steps after weeks of being haunted by the headless specter of a tall, dark man.

For some time he’s been taking possession of people’s souls – and their lives. At least three people have fallen victim to the dastardly demon, who would have claimed others had they not wakened in the middle of the possession process.

The T-shirt gambit was devised by a wily psychic who communed with the ghost. Meanwhile fear grips the villagers, many of whom are now too terrified to leave their homes after dark.

“Many people couldn′t sleep at night, even though they already hang the red shirts in front of their houses,” explained Sompong Prom-Ngam, deputy headsman of Khok Sa-ad village.

There are some residents, he added, who entirely reject the idea a ghost might be haunting their village, but they mostly keep that opinion to themselves, Khaosod reported.

No speculation has been made public about the spirit’s motive, but perhaps he is unhappily seeking that dead kitten sausage he ordered.

Photo: Kelly K


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