Pai on hunt for disgraceful, skinny-dipping farang couple

The peaceful northern getaway town of Pai was traumatized yesterday when a farang couple shamelessly skinny-dipped in their river in broad daylight.

The duo were spotted in Pai River au naturel, shocking the Mae Hong Son’s town residents as they reportedly bathed nude and posed in suggestive ways for people who snapped their photos.

A resort owner on the riverbank told Manager Online that the two farangs had been taking a bath there for two days in a row. The police were called, but the nudist couple left on their motorbike before they arrived.

Photo: Manager Online

Public nudity is illegal in Thailand.

The resort owner also reported tourists in skimpy beachwear near the temple area. He said that such obscenity “ruined the reputation of Pai and Thailand” and that other hotel operators should educate their guests.

Pol. Co. Worapon Ponmanee, Commander of Pai Police, said that the officers have requested hotel operators in the area to keep an eye out for the couple so they could make an arrest and prosecute the two because they “damaged the image of Pai.” He also asked locals to report any inappropriate tourists.  

It’s likely the couple will have to do an apologetic wai if the police find them. Public shaming is the far harsher punishment than the THB500 fine they might also have to pay.



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